Got Rebates?

If you have been wagering without a serious rebate,

this vital information is for you…


Player rewards programs at some of the “big name” sites often don’t count for much. The default customer rates are a joke, oftentimes “rewarding” players with what amounts to 0.005 percent of their wagers.


What we’re talking here are serious cash-back rewards. Cash-back horse racing rebates that can be as much as $80 – or more – for every $1,000 churned online. If you have been wagering without a rebate, then you have been throwing money away. As a horseplayer looking to turn a profit (aren’t we all?), it’s time for that to end.


Get cash back with a U.S. licensed ADW

Burning money. This is what you are doing when you wager with the likes of TVG or other “name” wagering sites that only award points.

Shrewd horseplayers, regardless of their wagering levels, are now betting every day and getting cash back with each and every wager. It’s as simple as just knowing where you need to have an Advance Deposit Wagering (ADW) account.


Let me tell you there is nothing quite like having your balance go up the day after a rough afternoon of betting. Let’s say you wagered $200 on a given day and got only a $160 return. You log into your new account the next day and instead of your balance being down $40, it’s down only $28 because you received $12 in cash back. Needless to say, it’s even sweeter on the days that you win.


Win or lose, you can get cash back on every wager you make


This is real cash in your account, not the fake cash and bonuses that off-shore sites lure players in with. Not “points” that don’t add up to beans.


Fake cash is ‘money’ that can be wagered but never withdrawn. The off-shore sites truly believe that gamblers are stupid.


To make matters worse, off-shore sites do not support the Thoroughbred, Standardbred or Greyhound racing industries. Legal wagering within the U.S. is what keeps our pari-mutuel industries alive.


There is an ideal solution for horseplayers looking for an edge


Starting today you can wager with a U.S.-licensed ADW that not only supports the racing industries in this country but rewards its players with kick-a$$ rebates. In addition you’ll gain access to high-quality, streaming online video and customer service that is second to none.


You don’t have to be a huge bettor to get the VIP treatment. Get the cash-back rebates you deserve every day as a horseplayer. Contact me at for complete details and please put “Great Rebates” in the subject line. Also please also provide your full name and state of residence.



“The off-shore sites truly believe that gamblers are stupid.”


Steps to Earning a Lucrative Cash-back Rebate:

Got Rebates?
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  • When you join the recommended ADW, be sure to enter promo code our name in the promo code box on the new registration page.

The Result:

Upon signing up free at the preferred ADW, you will be provided you a special sign-up bonus and cash-back rates higher than a typical new customer.  If your wagering reaches certain levels, you will be eligible to earn even higher cash-back rates.  The result is an improved bottom line for you as a horseplayer.


Please Note: Unfortunately, the recommended service is not available outside the U.S. or in restricted states such as GA, IL, ME, MO, NJ, NV, NC and TX.


Got rebates?

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