The Case of Navarro Veterinarian Seth Fishman

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On Oct. 27, 2019, Seth Fishman, a veterinarian, was returning from a weeks-long junket in the United Arab Emirates when he was greeted at Miami International Airport by armed federal agents.

The agents pulled Fishman into a side room, where he explained his business in Dubai: As the chief research officer for the kingdom’s camels, he said, his responsibilities included managing breeding and fending off the spread of “zoonotic diseases” and African sleeping sickness. And indeed, after agents across town seized hundreds of vials from Fishman’s storage unit, a lawyer who said he represented Dubai’s “Presidential Camel Department” sprung to action, arguing in U.S. court that the substances were tonics urgently needed while the beasts were in heat.

But the American authorities, who had been eavesdropping on Fishman’s calls since that February, saw the drugs, as well as those seized in other raids, as yet more evidence of what they asserted was the vet’s real stock-in-trade: illegally doping racehorses in the United States and overseas. Fishman left…
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