5 Most Popular Casino Games In 2020

The gambling websites’ popularity has increased tremendously within the past decade – and for a good reason. For Portugal in particular, this comes as an abundant source of income. In fact, online gambling contributes to 0.05% of the total GDP of a country. Casino Games In Portugal both online and offline are completely legal, licensed, and regulated by the RISGTP administration or Regulatory and Inspection Services of Games and Tourism of Portugal. With so many alternatives, it can be difficult to decide on the most suited games. To help you out, we have created a list of the leading casino games in 2020. You may now scroll down and have a look at the quick casino guide!


Roulette is one of the original gambling games, having been loved and adapted by people all across the world for many centuries. It is a board game and just like slots also a ‘Perfect Information’ game. This means there’s not a ladder of skill to climb, but knowing how to place the bets becomes more important. Some people who gamble do give this game a bad name, but that’s largely due to having a limited understanding of the right strategies to play.



Finally time for the best card game ever; Blackjack! It is the perfect game for social gamblers who are familiar with card games, whether that be through growing up with them or viewing tutorials online. The objective of the game is to get as close as possible to 21 without going over. Blackjack has a huge following of loyal fans because it’s relatively easy to learn and it provides a level of skill so you don’t have to rely on luck alone. You can actually improve your chances at blackjack by practicing and applying different strategies.



Baccarat is another card game which is very popular in Asia and especially China. It goes fast to learn how to play since you only bet on 3 outcomes; either win for the Banker or the Player, or it can end in a tie. Learning the basics is easy but it requires practice to perfect the game. I recommend you spend a little more time getting to know how to play the game.



Craps is just like Roulette a ‘Perfect Information’ game. Some bets require certain rolls before they can become winning or losing bets, thus reassuring strategy. Craps is one out of a few casino games where you can become friends with your opponents because you can choose to play with or against your opponents. Also, if you are a big fan of Hollywood movies then you’ve most likely seen it in Ocean’s 13, James Bond Diamonds are Forever and on A Bronx Tale.


Three Card Poker

A highly popular casino table game, three-card poker lets you have a great control over the game’s final outcome. It’s also a game with great odds and several potentially profitable side bets. Invented in the 1990s, three card poker seems pretty low key but it’s one of the best casino card games.


All Bets on Yellow: Double Free Spins Bonus Roulette in Sweden

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Roulette is definitely one of the easiest casino games to play. Its rules are so simple that you don’t need to even memorize it all. You only have to bet, see the dealer spin the wheel, then let the ivory ball decide your wager’s fate. Roulette is also famed for its very fast pace and its near fifty-fifty chances of winning. Thus, many gamblers have flocked to it, admiring its streamlined design and enjoying the very exciting feel there is in every spin.

That said, one can conclude that roulette is a very successful casino game. It’s now so popular in casinos that almost nobody remembered how it started from a derivative of a perpetual motion machine created by the French inventor Blaise Pascal. Who can blame this majority of roulette players? After all, roulette has evolved far beyond its origins and has given way to countless variations.

Roulette Normally, people will always think of American and European roulette once roulette variations come to mind. American roulette is a version known for its two zero slots and for having a high house edge, while European roulette is a more internationally popular variant for having a single zero roulette wheel, and therefore, higher winning odds. However, these aren’t the only forms of roulette. There are countless others, some of which have been popularized by online roulette casinos.

One of these variations is the double bonus free spins roulette, which as we can agree, has a rather mouthful name. This version of the casino game is distinct for having a yellow “B” slot, which is considered a single bet but with a higher payout. This is 50% larger than the usual pocket, giving the ball better chances of landing on it. Once the ball lands on this slot, you’ll be awarded with two free spins, whether you have placed chips on it or in a different number. As you have probably guessed, this feature is where the double bonus spins roulette got its name.

As previously mentioned, you can also place a bet on the lone yellow slot. You can actually make three kinds of wagers on this particular betting space. The first is the straight yellow bet that wins 12:1, or twelve times your bet. However, if the yellow comes up again in the resulting bonus spin, you’ll win 120:1, and if the same occurs in the third spin, you’ll get a whopping 1200:1 win!

The other two bets are the Split and Trio yellow bets. The first is a bet placed on the yellow B plus another placed on green 0 or 00, paying out 6:1. The second is played in a similar manner, this time covering both green slots and pays 4:1.

As you can notice, double free spins bonus roulette is played on an American live roulette online wheel and that perhaps is its biggest disadvantage. Fortunately, what extra house edge created by the zeros and the yellow slot is negated by the rare bonus spins, should yellow B ever come up at all.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you won’t find enjoyment in this version of live roulette online. The free bonus certainly is an interesting spin to the game, and the progressive win on yellow is something you’ll really hope for.


Improving Your Roulette EV with Sports Betting Skills

When it comes to betting, there are two types of endeavor: those that are based purely on luck and those that have an element of skill to them.

For example, at one end of the spectrum you have horseracing and poker. Although you can never been 100% certain that a move will be successful, you can always breakdown the necessary variables beforehand to ensure you’re getting your money in with the best EV possible.

In contrast, a simple coin flip where you’re betting on the outcome won’t have any skill involved. Because you can’t hope to breakdown the physics of the throw and use that to gain an insight into how it will land, the outcome is unknown and your success rate is down to nothing more than luck. In fact, the only thing you do know when you flip a coin is that the probability for either outcome (heads or tails) will be 0.5.

Spinning Some Skill into Roulette

RouletteNaturally, the majority of casino games fall somewhere in the middle, but there are ways you can push certain games more towards the side of horseracing (a game of skill) and away from a coin flip. Roulette, particularly in the online world, is one such game where you can take advantage of certain conditions to tip the odds towards your favor.

To give this strategy some grounding in horseracing tactics, let’s first consider the lay bet. If you’re an online punter who uses a betting exchange, then you can minimize your risk on any race through a combination of backing and laying bets. Laying a bet basically means you offer your own odds against a certain horse (i.e. the one you’ve backed) and the aim is to balance the odds so you come away with a profit regardless of the winner.

In roulette you can do something similar by betting on two dozens at the same time. While this strategy won’t guarantee you a win each time you spin, it will dramatically increase your chances and reduce your risk.

Let’s say you were playing roulette at the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas. If you bet an equal amount on two dozens, you’d not only cover just under 66% of the board with two bets, but you’d be guaranteed a one unit profit if either comes in.

For example, if you bet $10 on the first and third dozens, your total stake would be $20. Should one of these come in, your return would be $30 for a total profit of $10 (i.e. one unit). The crucial element to this strategy is the reduction of risk by covering multiple options. Just like backing and laying a horse, you can improve your chances of winning while maintaining a winning margin by using this strategy.

Reducing Your Risk with Gratis Cash

The other way you can introduce more skill into a game of roulette is through bonuses. Specific to the online casino world, welcome bonuses and loyalty rewards can actually be used as part of an overall strategy if you use them correctly. For instance, if you were to play roulette at Betway, the site will give you up to $250 in bonus cash when you make a deposit. By matching your opening transaction, Betway is essentially doubling your bankroll and you can use this to your advantage.

Under the terms of the deal, you must wager 50X your bonus amount before you can withdraw your profits, but the fact remains you’ll have double the amount to play with at the start. This means you can play fast and loose for a short period of time in order to generate the most profit possible with the least risk (because 50% of your stake will be free cash). Once you’ve hit a certain profit goal, you can then revert to a more conservative strategy until you meet the wagering requirements.

This strategy is similar to one a sports bettor might use at a horseracing meet. If there were seven scheduled races that day and the bettor scored a large profit on the first race, they would be more inclined to bet more on the following races than they’d previously intended as the risk would be a lot lower.

Betting is all about reducing your risk while increasing your chances of scooping a win. That, in a nutshell, is the essence of EV and should be the goal for every bettor. Although this might be easier in some games than others, there are ways to inject an element of skill into proceedings if you look hard enough and that’s certainly true in roulette.