Experts Go After Monster-sized Rainbow Six on Florida Derby Day

And You Can Join Them

AGOS founder Rich Nilsen & friend Dan “Fat Bald Guy” Cronin take a swing at the monster-sized Rainbow Six this Saturday! Over $10,000,000 expected in the pool.  Maybe even $15,000,000!

The BetPTC Pool is open for Florida Derby/Mandatory Payout Day, and you’re invited to be a part of their tickets.

Star handicappers Dan “Fat Bald Guy” Cronin and 14x NHC Qualifier Rich Nilsen are back!

With this new PTC Pool, Experts Cronin and Nilsen will utilize the BetPTC members’ contributions to go after the Rainbow Six this Saturday. It features a mandatory payout of the carryover, which, as of 3/29, stands at over $4.4 million!

Join the Fun and get your share of the PTC Pool! You can jump in for as low as $40. Don’t miss out on the new PTC Pool – OPEN NOW (click here). The Pool closes Saturday so don’t delay.

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