Racing And Gaming Law Conference in Saratoga August 15-17

This year, as regulators and racing/gaming executives make their annual summer pilgrimage to Saratoga Springs, N.Y., another edition of a long-running law conference will be on the agenda for many. Launched in 2001, the Racing and Gaming Conference at Saratoga will see its second edition under new management this…

“The conference is not intended to be a mere lecture hall, but more a salon,” he said. “A place where smart, committed people exchange ideas on topics of mutual interest; formally in the large panel sessions and informally in smaller groups in the hallway. The goal is to not only report on the latest changes in law and regulation but to inform the discussion leading to the next law or reg.

“To accomplish our goals we must find speakers who are not only capable of telling the audience what happened last year, but willing to risk an opinion on what ought to happen next year. I am very pleased with the group of speakers we have assembled for the conference this year and look forward to a robust exchange of ideas.”

This year’s agenda will include one and a half days of sessions, one of which will be focused on various forms of gaming. The half day on Aug. 17 will examine racing topics.

Why the shift towards more gaming-focused sessions?

“The conference has evolved over the past two decades,” said Brown. “When the conference began in 2001, parimutuel wagering on horse racing and the lottery were the only legal wagering opportunities available in New York…