Weemissfrankie carries the hopes of good deeds

From The Saturday Post:

Nearly two years ago, I was talking with the retired Farm Manager of Claiborne Farm, the late John Sosby, about what it takes to find a winning horse.  He gave a broad smile and said, “Give me luck and I’ll beat you every time.”

As he stood at Claiborne Farm, the site where he had cared for many great Thoroughbreds at various stages in their lives, it seemed that having good luck was an undisputable factor that led to success with racehorses.  However, as I considered the late Mr. Sosby himself, it was apparent that he didn’t rest on his laurels and wait for luck to emerge in the fields.  He did something to bring its elusive character his way:  He did good…

If a tribute to that principle exists, it may lie in the undefeated two-year-old filly, Weemissfrankie, whose ownership connections include Dawn Mellen of Bran Jam Stables, the founder of…

Read the complete piece from Jennifer Wirth at The Saturday Post

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