Ray Arsenault holds off Wolfson to win Handicapper of the Year title

NHC18 Champ Ray Arsenaulby Rich Nilsen

Two friends of mine, Ray Arsenault and Stephen Wolfson Jr., finished 1-2 in the 2017 National Handicapping Championship in Las Vegas.  They are two of the most liked guys on the NHC tournament scene.  Arsenault, a veteran of the tournament scene from Canada, takes homes $800,000 and the Handicapper of the Year title!

Ryan Scharnowske barely made the top 66 to reach day three and then catapulted all the way to a third place showing, proving you should never give up.  Congrats to all the money winners this weekend, as well as everyone who made it to the Big Dance in Vegas.  Here is a link showing the final contest race and Ray’s celebration.

2017 NHC LUXAIR Jets Leaderboard – Final Table

As of Mandatory 7 – OFFICIAL

1 Ray Arsenault-1 407.7
2 Stephen Wolfson, Jr.-1 361.1
3 Ryan Scharnowske **-2 320.2
4 Louis  Filoso-2 309.3
5 Dan Kovalesky-1 308.7
6 Steve Hartshorn-1 299.4
7 Joe Jarvie-2 284.1
8 Frank Mustari-1 279.4
9 David Bernal-1 270.8
10 Michael Caposio-1 265.4

2017 NHC Dates Set. Changes for NHC Tour

The 2017 National Handicapping Championship (NHC) dates have been set for Friday, January 27 – Sunday, January 29 in Las Vegas.  There several noteworthy changes to this year’s NHC Tour.

For Tour Points scoring purposes there will be three NHC Tour Leader Boards:

1) NHC Tour First-Half Year Leader Board (January 31-July 31)

2) NHC Tour Second-Half Year Leader Board (August 1- January 1, 2017)

3)  NHC Tour Overall Leader Board (January 31, 2016 – January 1, 2017)

All individuals (not entries) participating in each qualifying tournament will receive 50 points for participating in an online Tournament and 150 points for participating in an on-track Tournament.  Participation points will be capped at 1,500 points for the 2016 Tour regardless of the way they are accumulated.  Players are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their participation points.

NHC generic logo In the case of free NHC qualifiers, Tour points will be awarded based on the total number of Tour members competing in the tournament.   For example, if a free tournament has 1,000 overall entries, but only 500 NHC Tour entries, points will be awarded for the top 50 scores.

Tour Bonus:  The top 40 Tour point leaders, based on the 2016 Overall Tour Leader Board standings as of January 1, 2017, each are eligible to win a $25,000 bonus at the NHC that will awarded to the individual that finishes highest among those 40 individuals at the NHC (not the Consolation Tournament).  The bonus is in addition to any other prize money won at the NHC.

NHCQualify.com Cyber Awards:  A $1 million bonus and additional prize money will be available to individuals accumulating NHC Tour points via NHCQualify.com.  The NHC Tour member accumulating the highest number of NHC Tour points in 2016 via NHCQualify.com will receive $10,000 and be eligible to receive $1 million bonus if she or he also wins the NHC 18 in January 2017.  In addition, any first-time NHC Tour member will be eligible for a $10,000 bonus awarded to the “NHC Cyber Rookie of the Year”.  The NHC Cyber Rookie of the Year will be a first-time Tour member who accumulates the highest number of NHC Tour points via NHCQualify.com.  Individuals must join the 2016 NHC Tour at www.ntra.com/membership/ to be eligible for the bonus and awards tied to play on NHCQualify.com.

The 2016 NHC Tour Free-to-Play Online Tournament Dates have been set (subject to change)

Sunday, March 6 – Horsetourneys.com

Saturday, May 14 – NHCQualify.com

Saturday, July 30 – NHCQualify.com

Sunday, August 7 – NHCQualify.com

Saturday, September 3 – NHCQualify.com

The 2016 NHC Tour rules have been posted on NTRA.com.