Horse racing metaverse allows trading of NFT thoroughbreds, stables, farms

Oly Sport announced a $2 million fundraising round as it builds a horse racing metaverse that allows users to own and trade NFT thoroughbreds, as well as their virtual stables and digital farms.

The funding round, which values the company at $20 million, has the support of blockchain-focused funds like X21, Everse Capital, and Genblock Capital.

BSCStation led the round.

Oly Sport is targeting crypto investors and looking to develop the concept of virtual land ownership.

Co-founder Jimmy Chan said that land in Oly Sport’s world could potentially produce special food for the horses.

To make the NFT horse perform well, the owner has to take care of it like a normal horse, spend time with it, and feed it.

Chan added that if you hold a parcel of NFT land in the game, it’s not only a collectible but also generates residual income through owning that.
Canadian startup

To make Oly Sport’s land more enticing, the company will tie certain parcels to real-world real estate, starting with land outside of Toronto, where the company is based. Chan said Oly Sport plans to acquire real-world space across six continents. Its game is set to launch in December.

Unlike ZED Run, Oly Sport will run on its token, $OLY, rather than existing cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

Maxima Launches the First Racehorse NFT Marketplace Where Anyone Can Own Horses And Earn

Maxima Launches the First Racehorse NFT Marketplace Where Anyone Can Own Horses And EarnMaxima Launches the First Racehorse NFT Marketplace Where Anyone Can Own Horses And Earn

Unlike other NFT marketplaces, Maxima is built for tokenizing real world assets. All racehorses are backed by physical counterparts and share-owners can gain access to a transparent account of a horse’s history. Every sale on the exchange is recorded on the blockchain and the company assures buyers that the data is publicly accessible for great price transparency, without hidden fees.

Maxima’s Initial NFT Offering aims to provide the first batch of junior horses to be sold before joining the races. They will be minted and sold as NFTs, breaking down into a limited number of shares. The platform is all set to host its first pre-sale campaign in early 2022. A rare collection of horses with a proven track record are being released after the pre-sale.

The NFT sales surged to $10.7 bln in 2021 Q3, but at the same time, there are currently too many projects that internet users can no longer keep themselves updated with the trend, with most being different art projects being minted as NFTs. Other than art, what can NFT do further? This is where Maxima aims to fill the gap. Some of the unique and key features of Maxima NFT marketplace would include…