What is the NFT horse-racing game platform Zed Run?

zed run NFT gameHistory of horse racing. It has been noted that no new animals were domesticated in the past 20,000 years by humans. This would mean that even without technical intelligence, human beings understood that only some animals are meant to be perfect companions for humans. Equestrians carry a special place …

How does the NFT game ZedRun Work?

The way in which the design is quite similar or rather congruent with the usual horse racing scenario. You can form a stable by purchasing the horses. You can enhance the quality of your horses by preparing your stable with proper feed and other amenities. The horses can also be bred and can be sent for racing classes.

Once a race has been initiated, You can make your horses participate in them by investing an initial amount in crypto by transferring it to a wallet guarded by a smart contract. After the race is over and if your horse has won the race, you will be able to collect your prize money.

Before participating in the race, you can look at different parameters like the types of horses that are participating, the scarcity of your horse, and even the price landscape. You can even consider selling your horse to another racer for a price determined by the horse’s quality factors.