Handicapping Tips #2 – The Winning Jockey

jockey riding a horse race

AgameofSkill.com Handicapping Tip of the Day #2

Some jockeys will have an excellent rapport with certain horses.  You’ll oftentimes see a jockey who wins or finishes in the money (top 3) every time he gets aboard a particular horse; whereas that particular horse has less success when other riders are in the irons. Maybe it’s their “hands,” the way they get the horse to relax, or they just know how to ride the horse given the horse’s respective running style.  We don’t really need to know the reason why this is a winning jockey for this particular horse, nor do we care.  However, as handicappers we need to recognize it, because these runners will win and sometimes at a price.

Always be on the lookout for a jockey switch to a “winning” rider for this horse.  It can result in big improvement off the horse’s recent form.