Incredible. 17 Winning Tickets of over $1M in Jamaican Reggae-6 Wager

Level playing fieldThe major point of interest covering the two weekend racedays was the mandatory payout of the Reggae-6.

Sunday started with the Reggae-6 jackpot standing at just over $8.2 million.

By the time the horses left the gates for the first race on Sunday a total of $13.4 million was wagered by punters on the Reggae-6. This amount after the obligatory takeout brought the net pool to $17,597,545.77.

In the end, 17 tickets came up trumps despite Lucky Nine winning the third race at long odds of 28-1, and Sweet Identity the fifth as a 9-1 chance.

The 17 tickets holders of the Reggae-6 each brought home $1,035,150.