Horse Racing in Singapore to Cease Operations

“I had a gut feeling going into the meeting,” Michael Clements, president of the trainers’ association and the current premiership leader, told Asian Racing Report.

Lim addressed the group. Her manner was uncomfortable, ‘sheepish’ even, as she told the trainers of the industry’s fate: horse racing in Singapore would cease within 16 months. She took three questions from the floor – the first being what will happen to the horses? – and left for a news briefing. A STC press release was issued.

Despite a general acceptance among trainers of the government’s need for land, and that the decision will not be reversed, there are moves afoot to lobby for an extension. But there is also anger and exasperation among stakeholders at the way in which the STC has handled a weighty matter of such grave importance to the people who work in Singapore’s racing industry and their families.

“We go into a meeting on three hours’ notice, we get 15 minutes of her time, and they tell us that it is all over. They didn’t handle the situation well,” said local trainer Jerome Tan… continued:

Shock and anger at Singapore racing’s sad demise