2019 DraftKings Betting Championship Could Happen In December

Sports bettingDraftKings blazed a new trail in sports betting with the first annual DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship (SBNC). The $10,000 buy-in sports betting event took place from January 11-13 in Jersey City, NJ. The event guaranteed a $2.5 million prize pool with the winner receiving $1 million.

There were 242 participants in the first SBNC in January. Each player started with a $5,000 bankroll to use in the DraftKings Sportsbook in New Jersey. While the event was generally run pretty smoothly, there were some bumps in the road to crowning a champion.

The Chargers vs. Patriots game ran late on the final day of the competiton, ending just a few minutes before the start of Eagles vs. Saints game. Several bettors near the top of the leaderboard didn’t have their winning bets on the Patriots graded in time to get money down on the Eagles or Saints.

Participants were warned about this potentially happening, but the issues still …