Introducing Zed Run, the Digital Horse Racing Game Making Waves

Imagine the Kentucky Derby taking place 30,000 feet in the clouds above a Tron-like digital world, where purse prizes are paid in a futuristic currency called Ethereum.

No, this isn’t the plot to a new movie starring Matt Damon — it’s the world of Zed Run, a digital horseracing game built on blockchain technology.

But, to be honest, that does also sound like an amazing plot to a movie starring Matt Damon.

Unlike the real Kentucky Derby, which saw this year’s race tainted by steroid use, the only drugs involved in Zed Run are the ones you feel like you’re on while watching the adrenaline-inducing digital entertainment unfold.

Zed Run, built by the Australia-based Virtually Human Studio, consists of what the creators refer to as “breathing NFTs,” non-fungible tokens that actually take on a life of their own. The platform launched in early 2019 with horses selling for as little as $30. Now, horses have sold on the secondary market for upwards of $150,000, with complete stables full of horses topping $225,000. [Yes, you read that right!]

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