Saratoga Race Track Attracts Famous Fans

NFL Star Among the Celebrities at Saratoga

Without question the biggest celebrity/fan at Saratoga Race Track is former Giants, Patriots, Jets and Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells.

The soon-to-be-78 Parcells does two things that every retiree aspires to do: Golf and go to the horse track.

However, the Pro Football Hall of Fame coach is not just a fan of horse racing, but is active as an owner.

Last week his 2-year-old colt, Tuggle, finished third in the Grade 2 Saratoga Special.

The two-time Super Bowl champion told ESPN four years ago that horse racing is in his blood.

“I’ve always been interested in horse racing since I was a young man. My father liked to take us to the track when we were little. This is a very happy place for me with this umbrella blue sky. The track is going to be fast. The turf’s going to be firm and I’m going to be with my friend. It doesn’t get any better than that.”