What a Birthday for the Defending BetPTC Handicapper of the Year

John F. and his much better half, wife Cheryl

John F., defending BetPTC Handicapper of the Year (2017), celebrated his birthday in horseracing style. John overcame an almost insurmountable lead from Day One leader Scott C. ($5,875; +2250%) to win the 2018 BetPTC Cash is King X Finals.

Besides retaining his Handicapper of the Year title by finishing first for the second consecutive year, John garnered the coveted $12,000 Pegasus Cup Betting Challenge entry.  That event is held Jan 25-26, 2019 at Gulfstream Park (and Santa Anita).  John also keeps the $9,007 in cash he won plus receives travel reimbursement ($500) and perks at the Pegasus Cup.

Although John was a respectable 2nd after Day One ($2,457; +810.19%), Carson’s +2,250% ROI score was imposing. With a big hit at Gulfstream Park West on Sunday, John concluded his weekend with a 2-day total of $9,007; a +1632.12% ROI that put him narrowly on top.

As a 9 time-NHC qualifier, John is looking forward to not only the exciting and challenging Pegasus contest hosted by the Stronach group in late Jan, but also participating again in the $3M NHC contest in Las Vegas in early February.

For his second-place finish, Scott C. earned the $2,000 cash prize plus kept his $8,555 in winnings for a tremendous weekend of handicapping and betting.  3rd place went to Albert T. ($3,304, +278.47%), good for $1,000 in prize money. 4th place was Peter M. ($1,320, +161.41%) and 5th place was Ellis S. ($1,489, +45.75%).  Both Peter and Ellis won $500 cash.  6th place finisher was Andrew W. ($740, +32.62%), and 7th went to David V. ($1,211, +21.42%).  Each received $250 cash.

Congratulations to all 39 contestants who qualified and competed in this year’s 15-week Cash is King contest and Nov Finals.  To learn more about BetPTC and how you can receive a Custom Rewards Schedule via AGOS, click here.

A bonus contest event is being held this Friday for the 7 participants who finished in the top 3 three or more times during the 15-week contest.  An additional $3,000 in prizes will be awarded in that special event.


Real Money contestAbout Premier Turf Club (BetPTC)

Premier Turf Club is a U.S. based pari-mutuel account wagering provider that has been in business over 10 years.  BetPTC is regulated in the state of Oregon by the Oregon Racing Commission.

The company provides legal telephone and online betting services, safely and securely handling over $350 million in wagers.  In the summer of 2017, BetPTC released a mobile-friendly wagering platform at BetPTC.mobi.

Unlike the non-pari-mutuel off-shore bookmakers, BetPTC pays the tracks for the right to accept simulcast wagers on their races and co-mingle those wagers with the on-track pari-mutuel pools. Unlike the off-shore ADWs, a portion of all monies wagered through Premier Turf Club go to the horsemen and the local racetracks. It’s these payments that allow horsemen to run meets at Portland Meadows, country fairs and various racetracks throughout the United States.

The owner of Premier Turf Club started out in the racing industry as a horse owner and bettor. The BetPTC staff includes horse owners, bettors and industry professionals that have been involved in advance deposit wagering and simulcasting since their inceptions. The site is designed by horseplayers for horseplayers.


Here’s How One ADW Took Care of a Horseplayer

by Glen S.

Let me tell you a story as why my account wagering service, Premier Turf Club, really does protect the horse player.

One of the more stranger occurrences happened just over a week ago at Hialeah race track. For the first time ever I didn’t win the leg I had “ALL” in it.   I have joked in the past saying I should win this leg, except if they add a late entry. Well, they kind of did. Never seen this happen before.

Here is how it happened: I played the early pick 4 at Hialeah. Took two horses, key, all, three horses.  Total ticket cost $27.00. Won the first two legs, didn’t pay that much attention to the 3rd race as I felt it was impossible, hence the ALL leg.    I even watched the race in the smaller multiplayer screen, noticed the three horse won the race, thinking something didn’t seem right. Sure enough, I didn’t have the 3 on the ticket, knowing full well I hit the ALL button.

I would like others to know that Premier Turf Club is concerned about the best interest of the horse player

Right after the race the track announcer, Peter Aiello, did say “hold all your pick 4 tickets until after the 4 legs are completed.”  I hit the last race but didn’t get paid out; how is this possible I thought when the only leg I missed was the all leg.   I eventually found out the 3 horse not scratched when betting opened, but then tote had the horse scratched for about 30 minutes (before the 1st and until just before the 2nd race was run). Sorry for the long story, but it ended up that Hialeah decided they would pay a consolation 3 out of 4.   So my 3 out of 4 ticket, getting it 9 times returned a whopping $33.50, basically $3.75 each ticket.

During the current day in question I spoke with Todd Bowker, the GM of BetPTC, and he said he would look into it. A few days later I get an email from Todd and his staff saying, “you are now getting the proper payout of almost $600.” I know he and his staff spent some time on this, which they didn’t have to, but they did. I am quite sure they had to convince Hialeah to correct the tote error. Not blaming Hialeah, tote errors happen from time to time. Just be fair to the player. Also found out it was Peter Aiello, the excellent track announcer/simulcast director at Hialeah that also agreed to make the proper payout. Peter “gets” the horse player as well, as he obviously is a horse player himself.

I wanted to tell everyone this story because I would like others to know that Premier Turf Club is concerned about the best interest of the horse player, and this long winded story proves it.

BetPTC, thanks for caring about the horse player.


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Real-Money Handicapping Contest Offers $5,000 in Cash Prizes!

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Portland, OR, July 31, 2012 – Traditional handicapping tournaments are not designed to appeal to all horseplayers. If the contest is filled with mandatory races at racetracks that the horseplayer doesn’t normally play, it slants the playing field toward others in the tournament who play those tracks. Cash money contests, on the other hand, typically require large minimum wagering thresholds or entry fees that price most players out. The Cash is King II contest at BetPTC.com takes away those inequities and lets every level of horseplayer participate. The new tournament, featuring an enhanced prize pool, begins this Saturday, August 4th.

“It doesn’t matter if you a big bettor or a small bettor. Everyone has an equal chance to win the prizes in the Cash is King contest at BetPTC.com,” explained General Manager Todd Bowker. “The contest is scored based on your return on investment (ROI), not on how much you wager.”

“We have increased the prizes significantly for the return of the Cash is King tournament,” continued Bowker. “This time around, our customers will compete for $5,000 in cash prizes.”

Real Money contestThe Tournament Director for the event is veteran contest player Rich Nilsen, who created the first-ever online qualifier for the National Handicapping Championship (NHC) back in 1999 at Brisnet.com and who managed the online tournaments at TwinSpires.com for several years. Nilsen is the founder of the site here at AGameofSkill.com.

“There are no mandatory tracks, and no specific bets required. You can play your favorite tracks and make your favorite wagers, all using a bankroll that fits your budget,” said Nilsen. “Best of all, there is no entry fee and since it’s a real-money contest, in addition to any prizes, you keep whatever you win.”

Wagers can be made online or by phone and on any type of bet that BetPTC accepts through their Oregon hub. Cash is King wagers can be made on any racetracks of the player’s choice on Saturdays beginning August 4 and running through December 29. To qualify for contest play on any given Saturday, registered members must bet a minimum of $50 during the course of a contest day. There is no limit to how much can be wagered. Players are not penalized for missing a contest day.

The inaugural handicapping contest at Premier Turf Club was successfully held in June. The June Cash is King champ was Vermont veterinarian Bill Mentes who won a trip for two to the 2012 Breeders’ Cup at Santa Anita, courtesy of Premier Turf Club. Cash prizes were also awarded to the top four finishers.

Registration for the event is quick and easy for members of Premier Turf Club, which is also offering a $75 sign-up bonus for new customers of the online wagering service. Rules for the Cash is King II tournament, as well as a leaderboard, can be found at www.betptc.com/news.jsp.  Visitors from AGameofSkill.com can earn an additional $25 cash sign-up bonus by entering promo code “AGOS” when signing up.

Premier Turf Club operates in Portland, Oregon, and is licensed by the Oregon Racing Commission as a Multi-Jurisdictional Simulcasting and Interactive Wagering Totalizator Hub. The company can be found on the internet at www.betptc.com. Premier Turf Club accepts online and phone wagers on over 120 Thoroughbred, Harness, and Greyhound race tracks. Since 2007 Premier Turf Club has handled over $100 million in wagers safely and securely through the Oregon hub.