Becoming Smarter at Horse Racing

Guest Post

If you are looking for horse racing myths to exploit as a bettor, you better look elsewhere because there are none. This article is about making you a smarter horse racing bettor, and not dumb you down to a complete loser. If you want some mindless action, we suggest playing slots and try them out here. If not, read further to improve yourself in spotting the winner.

How to Do it like a Champion

Veteran champions in horse racing betting have their own secrets. But, more importantly they are savvy hustler that understand the concept of beating the odds and whose mind works money-wise. And there’s a lot of hard work too.

For example, the best horse racing bettors go through tons of data when they need to confirm that their pick can beat the odds. This data collection process includes researching about the horse’s past performance naturally. But it is also about going into details like racetrack conditions, the bloodline of the horse, what the weather report says and what kind of weather the horse likes, all the way down to seemingly unimportant details such as the equipment of the horse and whether it affects its ability.

In order to get bigger payouts, you have to master the more exotic combination bets such as trifecta, quinella, daily double and the other. They cost a little bit more, but the payouts are comparable to simpler bets. Some betting shops or websites may even offer more profitable and unique bets, so look into that too. Also, if you want to maximize your profit, you may want to bet across different horse racing shops to make use of the different (and possibly better) odds for the same events.

Where to Begin

If you are an absolute beginner, the logical step would be to start learning the bets. Start with the simpler ones where less variables are included and try to improve your accuracy as time passes. To do this you don’t have to spend money on bets.

Try guessing the outcomes the first month without betting any money to get your crosshair on. When you feel comfortable enough to start making some bets, try with smaller increments that you can afford to lose. In general, beginners start with $2 increments.

And keep in mind that if you bet on the favorite each time, you’ll win only 33% of all the bets made. So, a logical sequence of your horse racing betting evolution would be to become skilled in finding the hidden favorites. Those are the ones that bring the biggest profit.

We mentioned above that horse racing veteran champions dig through an immense amount of data to find the winners. Well, this is what you will need to do too. This is how you get to learn about different horses and gain insight that you can use on the racetrack and find the future champion. It’s how you stop being a beginner and start being a pro.