AGameofSkill to Sponsor Handicapping Contest

Derby Wars contest

This Sunday May 13th, and one of the leading tournament websites, have teamed up to offer a guaranteed $5,000 game. The handicapping contest is only $77 to enter and is limited to 75 players, with a max of two entries per player. There will be 11 mandatory races, chosen from Belmont Park, Churchill Downs, and a track(s) to be determined.

Longtime horse racing executive Mark Midland created the tournament site last year. On DerbyWars contest players can chat with one another during the event. Members at DerbyWars can also “connect” with their friends via the contest interface, for example, knowing when one of their friends have registered for a contest on the site. It’s the first tournament platform to integrate social networking-type features.

“Since we started DerbyWars,” explained Midland. “One of the things that surprised us was how well newer racing fans took to the game.  Part of that speaks to the fun and interaction of DerbyWars, but part of that speaks to the fact that tournaments are fun and easy.  Since you’re not betting, you only have to pick a horse, and you can see many others picked the same horse you did.  So it’s a much easier learning curve than wagering.  That’s why we think it’s a perfect introductory game to create new horseplayers.”

“We are excited to partner with DerbyWars on this $5,000 game,” explained Rich Nilsen, founder of “DerbyWars offers numerous types of tournaments, many of which are cash games with a very reasonable takeout. Unlike at most other sites, there are many opportunities here to play in games with great cash prizes.”

If you haven’t tried Derby Wars, please support and get in this Sunday’s handicapping tournament. Sign up for Derby Wars and members can deposit funds via any major form of credit card or ACH bank transfers.