Melania Trump Responds to Author of Best Pal Book

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Melanie Trump

WARSAW, POLAND – JUNE 6, 2017: Donald Trump, Melania Trump with visit in Poland
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When James Val authored a children’s book eight years ago called “Best Pal” on the champion California-bred, it became an instant favorite with racing fans but he never dreamed he would get the surprising response he did all these years later.

“After several book signings at Hollywood Park, Del Mar and Santa Anita,” said Val, also a racing correspondent for the San Gabriel Valley Reporter, “the first printing edition was sold out. The book also has been very popular with the general public.

“Several months ago, I read an article about President Trump’s 11-year-old son, Barron, which stated that he had a fondness for horses. I thought it would be fun to send him an autographed copy of ‘Best Pal,’ never expecting to receive any kind of response from The White House.

“I had forgotten about sending the book after four months, but last week I received a very special surprise, an envelope postmarked from The White House! To my astonishment, when I opened the envelope, there was a personal thank you card from the First Lady of the United States, with a gold-embossed symbol of the President. It was signed personally, ‘Mrs. Melania Trump.’

“Needless to say, I was overwhelmed. After all, how often does one receive a personal letter from the President of the United States, or from his wife?

“What makes this event extra special is that not only is this children’s book now in the personal library of the First Family, but that somehow, through this little book, the First Family has become more aware of our beloved sport of racing!”

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