Handicapping Tips #11 – It’s Your Money

Handicapping Tip of the Day  by Art Parker

Handicapping tips from agameofskill.com

My wife is a retired school teacher. Many times I’ve heard her say that a child must be prepared to go to school before they can perform well in school. That is particularly true with the little ones going to school for the first time. The preparedness factor is key in playing the horses, regardless of the length of your playing tenure. If you’re not prepared to go to the track and to play then you will immediately be at a disadvantage.

Whatever you do to be prepared you should do every time. Do you run into the track, grab a Form, and hastily play a few races? Do you follow the routine of your buddies at the track or do you do your own thing? Whatever you do that brings the most success is what you need to do all the time, and then you refine your routine. If you must have a red pen or a highlighter to make notes then use one. If you need a magnifying glass to make sure you properly see the fine print in the past performances then use one. Don’t worry about what others think, it’s your money.

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Handicapping tips from agameofskill.com


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