Handicap Quicker & More Efficiently with The One Minute Handicapper

The One Minute Handicapper introduces the ground breaking “BETTING SITUATION” concept and makes it quick and easy for any handicapper to apply the proven concepts to an entire card.

This innovative and unique concept is easily understood and profitable. First, let’s begin by stating that the “BETTING SITUATION” concept is NOT a system – instead it is the heart and soul of a book written by lifelong handicapper Frank DiTondo. It does not re-invent the wheel. But it is a time-tested, proven method, using the same readily available past performances, tote board and official entry information as the Pro’s. Most importantly, The One Minute Handicapper (OHM) will teach you how to consistently pick winners! The OMH book was turned into a powerful handicapping software package that uses the $1 BRIS PP data files.

The One Minute Handicapper book and software

The Complete Handicapping Value Software Package

Includes Everything Listed Below:

  • Betting Situation Worksheet Software
  • Betting Situation Worksheet Software User Manual
  • 384 Page One Minute Handicapper E-Book – purchase it today for only $14.97 (FREE s/h) Instant download.
  • OMH Reusable, Damp Erase Workbook with Damp Wipe Marker
  • 180 Custom Designed, Pre-printed and Notebook Ready OMH Worksheets
  • 20 Custom Designed, Pre-printed and Notebook Ready OMH Tally Sheets
  • 5 Pack of OMH Damp Erase Markers!
  • Shipped with Delivery Confirmation

Everything You Need to Begin Picking Winners like never before! The powerful OMH Software uses the $1 BRIS data files, so handicapping an entire card is also very affordable!

Featuring the Betting Situation Worksheet Software
Scrupulously designed and programmed, this uniquely innovative OMH Worksheet Software Program is to the best of our knowledge the only handicapping program of its kind and a technological masterpiece.

Automating the completion of the invaluable OMH Worksheet, this truly user friendly program was carefully designed to eliminate overlooking any valuable OMH Betting Situations and save time by acting like a handicapping GPS to create a “Betting Situation” Worksheet road map to profitable wagering, with the TOUCH of a key.

TWENTY-TWO Betting Situations!

The OMH identifies 22 easy to spot “BETTING SITUATIONS.” It makes the past performances less intimidating and easy to read. The concept is actually very simple! The more Situations you learn to identify, the “Bettor” your chances of picking the winner! You will be introduced to an innovative, one of a kind, user friendly, BETTING SITUATION WORKSHEET, showing you how to create an easy to follow road map to simplify the handicapping process and make profitable betting decisions. When you use the Worksheet, the winner will virtually “jump off the page.”

“Frank DiTondo has created a fabulous software program that takes the concepts of his book and makes it easy to analyze an entire card effectively in minutes. Any level of horseplayer can benefit from the One Minute Handicapper.”

— Rich Nilsen, publisher, 10-time NHC qualifier, and former captain of the profitable Players’ Pool syndicate.

Spot Exotic and Long Shot Wagers!

The One Minute Handicapper will show you how to spot exotic and long shot wagers with double and triple digit payoffs. You will learn how to identify a true Overlay and see how longshots like BLUESPEEDWHITELIGHT jumped off the Worksheet and pointed to a $119.80 winner. How Overlay led the author to winner MAGIC ALPHABET and a $532.50 exacta.

You will learn about the powerful, under the radar, rarely if ever talked about, long shot BETTING SITUATION gems, First Flash, First Time Lasix-1st Start and Reclaim.  How First Flash pointed the author to live longshot COO COLD BIRD, a $49.60 winner and to 12 other winning wagers, including 5 exotic bets. The OMH shows how the author was able to single out PERILOUS PURSUIT, a $35.40 winner, from 10 first time starters with 6 on lasix and how Reclaim led to LAROVERINA, paying $44.40 and CHEDDAR, paying $43.60.

“I understand and like the approach to The One Minute Handicapper. It’s a novel but great idea. I believe it can be a great tool in trying to make sense of the plethora of information in the DRF…”

— Donna Barton Brothers, Former Jockey, NBC Sports Thoroughbred Racing  Commentator & Horse Player Magazine Columnist

Separate Pretenders from Contenders

BETTING SITUATIONS take the guess work out of picking winning exotics. Classic examples of winning wagers are LIGHTNING POWER/PINCH THE CLOWN and a $141.40 exacta and POWERSCOURT/KITTENS JOY for a $281.40 trifecta. There was no magic and there were no secrets, its all in The OMH and BETTING SITUATIONSLIGHTNING POWER was 2-1 and KITTENS JOY 6-5. Both were favorites. The author cashed tickets on both.

The OMH will show you how to sort out the tidal wave of DRF and BRIS information, how to stop overlooking what counts and to separate pretenders from contenders. BETTING SITUATIONS will put an end to the too often heard, “I shoulda’ had it!” rationalized by, “There’s just too much to look at, too much to remember and not enough time.”

“Author Frank DiTondo’s One Minute Handicapper teaches new handicappers the proper thought processes to identify prime betting situations and reinforces those key handicapping tools to the long-time horse player in such a way it becomes second nature to cover all the bases before heading to the windows.”

— Jon Lindo, Throughbred L.A. Radio Show and Syndicated handicapper for: The San Diego Union-Tribune & North County Times

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If you would first like to read the e-book, then please download the PDF version of The One Minute Handicapper right here for only $14.97. Instant download. Please note the Print version of this best selling handicapping book is completely sold out!

Purchase "The One Minute Handicapper" ebook for only $14.97

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