FREE One Minute Handicapper (OMH) Worksheets for Del Mar

Author Frank DiTondo had been handicapping for over 50 years when he came up with the idea of putting all of his many angles from his handicapping toolbox into an easy-to-use format. He wanted to teach horseplayers how to handicap in a timely and efficient manner. The result was the book entitled “The One Minute Handicapper.”

In his book DiTondo goes into detail about the 22 different angles or “betting situations” as he termed them. From “back class” and “beaten favorite” to “reclaims” and “troubled trips,” DiTondo covers many of the critical factors that can lead to nice winners.

DiTondo then wisely took his book to the next level, by taking all the concepts presented in the original book, adding a 23rd betting situation, and having them programmed into a software program. The OMH software is now the heart and soul of his business.

The OMH software can definitely help handicappers play more efficiently, and most importantly, not miss critical details when playing the races. Keep in mind that the OMH worksheet is not a selection sheet. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the One Minute Handicapper, DiTondo has been kind enough to offer FREE worksheets for the opening week of Del Mar. Take advantage!

Download the FREE One Minute Handicapper Worksheet for Del Mar – Wed.


Download the FREE One Minute Handicapper Worksheet for Del Mar – Thurs.


Download the FREE One Minute Handicapper Worksheet for Del Mar – Friday


To learn more about the “One Minute Handicapper” book and software from veteran handicapper Frank DiTondo click here.

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