The Road to Kentucky Heats Up

horse racing blinkersSimilar to the Cheltenham Festival in England, the Kentucky Derby is arguably one of the biggest horse racing must-sees in the world. A festival with a very rich and prestigious history, there is no denying how anticipated and valued the Derby is. As the Road to Cheltenham gets us on our way to The Festival, so too does the Road to Kentucky take us to the Derby. Both races come up at around the same time of the year, making it a double whammy of horse racing’s finest for our entertainment. Unlike the British calendar, however, the US is not very populated but still has plenty to go around. With so much to enjoy and on display, both home and internationally, the punters of nearby Tennessee will be spoiled for options with the trusted Twinspires Tennessee app there to guide them by keeping them in the loop with all the tasty runs of the month.


In the US, the month of February saw an early run with the Sam F. Davis Stakes at Tampa Bay Downs, a Grade 3 race for three-year-old colts. The winner, Candy Man Rocket, showed out in 1:44:30, taking home ten qualifying points for the Derby. That winning time was two seconds slower than other victors in recent years, who have always been within the 1:42 range, showing how much the off year with the pandemic might have affected the pace and conditioning of horses; it may be a trend to watch closely. So close to Valentine’s Day, the 13th of February will see the Risen Star Stakes come to Fairgrounds, a Grade 2 run over One and one-eighth of a mile for three-year-old colts. Over in England, Lingfield Park will be serving up an early run of flats starting at 11 am, followed by Chelmsford City, while Newbury and Warwick will be offering a series of jump races, as the Road To Cheltenham continues. No Valentine’s Day races in the US, but Exeter and Southwell will have that covered on English soil with seven races each. Late February will see the Fountain of Youth Stakes at Gulfstream take center stage in the US as one of the marquee races on the Road to Kentucky. The Fountain of Youth Stakes has produced some fine performances in recent years that have gone on to shine in the Derby, so it is without a doubt worth keeping within eyesight.


However, March is when things start to get real serious, offering seven races, four more than in February, including the prestigious Florida Derby on the 27th of March. The Gotham Stakes and Frank E. Kilroe Mile whet the appetite for what will be a tasty month before the Beholder Mile runs on the 13th of March. The month ends on a high note, with the Dubai Carnival running simultaneously with the Florida Derby.

Becoming Smarter at Horse Racing

Guest Post

If you are looking for horse racing myths to exploit as a bettor, you better look elsewhere because there are none. This article is about making you a smarter horse racing bettor, and not dumb you down to a complete loser. If you want some mindless action, we suggest playing slots and try them out here. If not, read further to improve yourself in spotting the winner.

How to Do it like a Champion

Veteran champions in horse racing betting have their own secrets. But, more importantly they are savvy hustler that understand the concept of beating the odds and whose mind works money-wise. And there’s a lot of hard work too.

For example, the best horse racing bettors go through tons of data when they need to confirm that their pick can beat the odds. This data collection process includes researching about the horse’s past performance naturally. But it is also about going into details like racetrack conditions, the bloodline of the horse, what the weather report says and what kind of weather the horse likes, all the way down to seemingly unimportant details such as the equipment of the horse and whether it affects its ability.

In order to get bigger payouts, you have to master the more exotic combination bets such as trifecta, quinella, daily double and the other. They cost a little bit more, but the payouts are comparable to simpler bets. Some betting shops or websites may even offer more profitable and unique bets, so look into that too. Also, if you want to maximize your profit, you may want to bet across different horse racing shops to make use of the different (and possibly better) odds for the same events.

Where to Begin

If you are an absolute beginner, the logical step would be to start learning the bets. Start with the simpler ones where less variables are included and try to improve your accuracy as time passes. To do this you don’t have to spend money on bets.

Try guessing the outcomes the first month without betting any money to get your crosshair on. When you feel comfortable enough to start making some bets, try with smaller increments that you can afford to lose. In general, beginners start with $2 increments.

And keep in mind that if you bet on the favorite each time, you’ll win only 33% of all the bets made. So, a logical sequence of your horse racing betting evolution would be to become skilled in finding the hidden favorites. Those are the ones that bring the biggest profit.

We mentioned above that horse racing veteran champions dig through an immense amount of data to find the winners. Well, this is what you will need to do too. This is how you get to learn about different horses and gain insight that you can use on the racetrack and find the future champion. It’s how you stop being a beginner and start being a pro.

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The Horse Players’ Christmas night

by Art Parker

Twas the night before Anita opened, out on the coast,
The track with the Big ‘Cap and handle the most.

The day has been filled with food and much drink,
With many gifts given, my bankroll doth shrink.

Perhaps dollars I can find, and if only a few,
Tomorrow I can slip to Anita, for the old Malibu.

And if I can manage to cash and to cheer,
I’ll be well on my way, to another fun year.

Where at the place I love, with all my heart,
Even though my money, from me, often does part.

The track, the track, I love it so much,
I can’t stay away, I must keep in touch.

Live racing, oh yes, and simulcast too,
Without them I moan and always feel blue.

Past performances for years I have read,
To find a winner even if by a head.

But most all, it is for the loads of fun,
Which always grows fast, with a big 20-1.

And when the track closes, then all I will say,
I hope to come back, to the track…just one more day.



Horse Racing - A Game of Skill

Horse Racing, a game of skill.

Slot Machines and Video Poker, mindless games that fund the casino’s coffers.