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Rich Nilsen is an 18-time qualifier to the National Horseplayers Championship (NHC), an event he has cashed in four times. He was the first player to finish in the top 10 twice. Rich was also a winner of a $24,000 package into Kentucky Derby Betting Championship I. A former executive with Brisnet.com and a member of the NHC Players’ Committee, Rich is a graduate of the University of Louisville Equine Business Program and is founder of AGameofSkill.com, a site devoted to horse racing education and promotion.

About Editor

Rich Nilsen is an 18-time qualifier to the National Horseplayers Championship (NHC), an event he has cashed in four times. He was the first player to finish in the top 10 twice. Rich was also a winner of a $24,000 package into Kentucky Derby Betting Championship I. A former executive with Brisnet.com and a member of the NHC Players’ Committee, Rich is a graduate of the University of Louisville Equine Business Program and is founder of AGameofSkill.com, a site devoted to horse racing education and promotion.

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Complimentary Full-card Pace Chart for Pennsylvania Derby Day

Pace Makes The Race!  Here is your complimentary Pace Chart for today’s Parx card, 13 races in all on Saturday and an amazing 10 stakes races.  Best of luck!

Parx – Pennsylvania Derby Day, 9/24/2022
Race 1 Expected Pace Leaders Stalkers Mid-Pack Closers Unknown
7.00 F /  Dirt Unknown 2 12-14-15 7-1-6-5 17 3-4-8-9-10-11-13-16
Race 2
6.50 F /  Dirt Unknown 10-12 14-11-1 9-8 2-3-4-5-6-7-13
Race 3
8.32 F /  Dirt Honest/Fast 4-6-10 3-2-1 11-8-12-7 5-9
Race 4
6.50 F /  Dirt Fast 5 1-9 2-7-3 6-8-4
Race 5
6.50 F /  Dirt Honest 4-6 3-2 8-7-9 1 5
Race 6
8.32 F /  Dirt Honest/Fast 3-1 6-4 8-7-2 5
Race 7
8 F /  Dirt Modest 4-2 7-5 3-8-1 6
Race 8
12.0 F /  Dirt Honest 6 5-8-7 1-3 4-2-9
Race 9
5.00 F /  Turf Very Fast 1 5-15-11 4-3-7-2 9-6-10-14-12-13-8
Race 10
6.00 F /  Dirt Fast 3-4-5-10 14-2-3 6-1-12 7-11-9-8
Race 11
8.50 F /  Dirt Fast 1-9 2-4 5-7-6 3-8
Race 12
9.00 F /  Dirt Honest/Fast 6 3-5-4-8 2-1-7 9-11-10
Race 13
8.50 F /  Turf Honest 1 2-4 3-9-5-7 6-8-10

Rainbow Six at Gulfstream Park on Day 17 of Not Being Hit

Gulfstream Park horse toteFriday’s Rainbow 6 Jackpot Pool Guaranteed at $450,000

The 20-cent Rainbow 6 gross jackpot pool will be guaranteed at $450,000 Friday at Gulfstream Park.

First-race post time is set for 12:25 p.m on Friday, September 23.

The popular multi-race wager has gone unsolved for the 16 racing days following an Aug. 13 mandatory payout.

The Rainbow 6 jackpot is paid out when there is a single unique ticket sold with all six winners. On days when there is no unique ticket, 70 percent of that day’s pool goes back to those bettors holding tickets with the most winners, while 30 percent is carried over to the jackpot pool.

Source: GulfstreamPark

Churchill Downs Expands Gaming into New Hampshire

Historical Horse Racing Comes to Salem

Churchill Downs disclosed that launching the new project, including the purchase price, would cost the operator roughly $150 million. Such substantial investment indicates high hopes for Salem. The Chasers Poker Room is one of the most high-profile charitable gaming operators in the state, located in the heart of Boston, making it an attractive purchase. The venue offers poker and various table games. CDI CEO Bill Carstanjen expressed his excitement over the new project, stating that the company would honor Chasers’s rich legacy…

British Racing Suspended after Horse Racing’s Queen has Passed

Queen Elizabeth II's Sporting Fascination Was Racing: ‘I Love Horses'London (AFP) – British horseracing chiefs suspended all events after the death of Queen Elizabeth II was announced on Thursday as sport paid tribute to the late monarch.

Buckingham Palace made the announcement in a short statement, triggering 10 days of national mourning. Charles, Prince of Wales, becomes king immediately.

“All of British Racing is in mourning today following the passing of Her Majesty the Queen,” the British Horseracing Authority said in a statement.

“Her Majesty has been one of the greatest and most influential supporters in the history of horseracing. Her passion for racing and the racehorse shone brightly throughout her life”.

The statement added: “It is right, therefore, that all racing is suspended for today and tomorrow as we begin to grieve Her Majesty’s passing and remember her extraordinary life and contribution to our sport and our nation.”

BHA chairman Joe Saumarez Smith, said: “Racing owes an incalculable debt of gratitude, not only for Her Majesty’s dedication and commitment to the sport, but for her public advocacy of it.”

Great Horse Racing Videos – Flightline Moving Like a Tremendous Machine

Flightline winning Pacific ClassicGrade 1 winner and horse racing superstar Flightline rated kindly in second during the early running of the Pacific Classic at Del Mar.  He took over while under an absolute strangehold before drawing off to a 19 length victory.  Trained by top California horseman David Sadler and ridden by Flavien Prat, Flightline is headed to the Breeders’ Cup at Keeneland later this fall.

One YouTube viewer wrote:

“Probably the best I’ve seen since Secretariat. There’s not a horse on this earth that wants to try flightline right now. And I’ll bet he is just as good on turf as he is on dirt. This horse is a superstar. He wants to run his own race, like Secretariat, and he is a ham, did you see him looking at the crowd?, like Secretariat. I wish him and his connections the very best.”


Betting on Sports – A Hard Way to Make an Easy Living

Sports bettingThat’s how professional sports bettor Cris Zeniuk describes [sports] betting, though he’s made it look easy in recent years.

The Las Vegas resident has had an astonishing run of success in football handicapping contests that includes winning Station Casinos’ pro Last Man Standing last year ($150,000) and college LMS in 2016 ($52,000), and finishing second and fifth in the Circa Million II in 2020 ($244,000)…

1. Fade popular plays

In my first year covering betting in 2017, everybody seemingly loved the Buffalo Bills over the New Orleans Saints in a midseason matchup.

That included nine of the 10 contestants in the RJ NFL Challenge contest who took Buffalo to cover as a 2½-point home underdog. When I alerted VSiN host Matt Youmans, who had picked the Bills, he changed his mind and bet on the Saints. They crushed Buffalo 47-10.

Zeniuk subscribes to the same contrarian theory.

“If everyone is on the same side, I’ll feel better being on the other side,” he said. “I love it when everyone is anti-everything about players or teams. It’s usually a buy spot.”

Get all 10 of Zeniuk’s tips for wagering on football and betting on sports in general.


Is Jacks or Better a Game of Skill?


You can play poker with your computer, smartphone, or tablet

If you’re a fan of video poker, you would have definitely heard about Jack or better because that’s the first form of video poker and the most popular type of all. When you have the best hand, you win the game. That’s when you have a pair of jacks with you.

The game rules are pretty much the same across casinos, so when you’re playing at Poker and Casino at IgnitionCasino.eu you don’t have to worry about new rules.

Here, the dealer deals with five cards, and you need to choose which card you will hold on to and which you’ll discard. When you have the best hand, you win. If you’re totally new to this game, you need to be aware of these below terms:

Royal Flush: This hand is when you have the highest card/s. You win big with this. You’re in for a big payout if you have Q, K, J, A, and 10.

Straight Flush: When you have cards of the same suit in a sequence, it is a straight flush. It’s a combination of flush and straight.

Inside straight: Imagine you have four cards, and if adding one card in between makes it a sequence, it is an inside straight. While outside straight is when you can make it a series by adding on either end, with inside straight, you just have one chance.

Two of a Kind: It’s when you have two cards of the same kind—example: Two 5’s.

Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same kind, such as when you have three 4’s.

Two Pair: It’s when you have cards of two pairs—Ex: Two 3’s and Two 5’s.

Flush: It’s a flush when you get cards of the same suit. 5,8, K, Q of Hearts is a flush.

Straight: When you have five cards in succession, it’s straight. Example: 4,5,6,7,and 8 make a series.

Outside straight: A card added on either end of four cards, which makes a straight is an outside straight.

Playing Jacks or Better Online

Jacks or Better is also known as Draw poker and is similar to five-card draw poker. If you already know this variant of poker, Jacks or Better is easier to play and is a lot more fun. Though it is the oldest form of poker, it is popular and available in many online casinos. You don’t have to go hunting for a casino anymore—play Jacks or better with a tap of your fingers online.

You need to place a wager at the start, and you lead when you have a pair of Jacks in your hand.

It’s very much similar to five-card draw poker, where you decide to keep five cards and replace the rest. In the end, depending on what you’re left with, you get a fat payout or go home with nothing.

So, these were our quick video poker tips. Apart from this, video poker is mostly played in online casinos, and the fact that you can remain anonymous in a game is a big relief.

Live horse racing returns to Kentucky Downs for 2022 season

Live racing returns this week to Kentucky Downs with the first of seven events scheduled for Thursday at the Franklin, Ky., facility. John Wholihan, director of Marketing at the Mint Gaming Hall and Kentucky Downs, said that live racing at the facility offers the biggest purse at any track in the area. ‘

The biggest attraction of the whole thing is the money. We are the highest average daily purse anywhere. We’re going to average more than $2 million a day in purses over each of those seven days,” Wholihan said. “The people who really like us are the horse owners, the people who own and train, they’re getting a chance for a good paycheck. Running in third place in our races can be like winning a race in some other locations. There are people who gear up for this meet. They want to take a shot because they know there’s big money.”

Wholihan said the Mint Gaming Hall’s intake of money helps to make the purse at Kentucky Downs so attractive. “The reason there’s big money is because of the Mint Gaming Hall, what happens in those pari mutuel machines, those historical horse racing games that people play every day,” Wholihan said. “That’s helping to feed the purse structure, and what we do. So we’ve really …

Travers Day Full-card Analysis by Rich Nilsen

with Wagering Strategies & Spot Plays by Rich Nilsen

Results:  Nilsen selected the winner of the Travers, Epicenter, but missed the exacta.  He gave out two spot plays, the second one Wicked Groove won the finale.  He paid a whopping $18.20 win and keyed a winning $98.00 exacta!

Rich Nilsen handicapper

About This Report

Rich Nilsen is the founder of AGameofSkill.com and one of the top tournament players in the country.

Nilsen only does a few sheets a year and this is one of them.  He offers up his full-card analysis for Saratoga on Saturday, August 27th.

The last time he did the Travers’ sheet he had all 13 winners listed among his selections for each race.  In 2016 Nilsen crushed the Travers Day card, selecting Haveyougoneaway who upset the G1 Ballerina at odds of 10-1!   But Nilsen wasn’t done.  He followed up that score up by giving out top selection ARROGATE, track-record winner of the G1 Travers Stakes who paid an amazing $25.40 to win for followers of the sheet.  Another top pick ran 2nd at odds of 17-1 in race 3 on that day, returning a huge place payoff.

The analysis provides selections for every race plus two best bet spot plays along with wagering strategies.  Each race includes Nilsen’s detailed pace scenario which explains how the race will set up.  Nilsen provides his top selection for the Travers’ Stakes,  commentary  and he offers up his recommended  wagers for the big race.

Put an expert on your side as you attack Saratoga on their biggest day of the year. Get all 13-races for under $1 per race.

2022 Travers’s Day – All 13 Races

Affordable at only $9.77 for the full card.

Full card analysis – instant download


Download instantly to any device. 9-page PDF document.

This sheet contains:

  • Top selections for all 13 races
  • Sophisticated Pace Scenario for all 13 races
  • 2 Spot Plays (Best Bets) on the undercard w/ wagering strategies
  • Analysis of the Travers Stakes with Exacta & Trifecta strategies.

The Travers Day card features over $1.6 Million in Guaranteed wagers. The $1 Million Guaranteed Pick 4 begins on Race 8.

Previous Travers’ Testimonials:

“Rich: nice job Travers Day! Thanks to Arrogate, you gave me a good day. How in the world did you land on him? I suspect you’re doing some kind of voodoo pace analysis. If you ever decide to give lessons or a seminar, let me know.” ~ Kelley S.

“Great job, Rich!” ~ Jeff S.


About Rich Nilsen

Founder of AGameofSkill.com, Nilsen is the winner of 8 major handicapping tournament and an 18-time qualifier to the multi million-dollar National Horseplayers Championship (NHC).  There are a lot of pretenders out there.  Get affordable, expert advice for this year’s awesome 13-race Travers card.


Get selections for all 13 races on the Saratoga Saturday card.  Download now for only $9.77 to any device.

Saratoga Pace Chart for Friday, August 26

Tom’s d’Etat Confirmed for PegasusPace Makes the Race!

Friday is Travers Day Eve at Saratoga. Utilize this complimentary pace chart to help you envision how each of the races will set up at the Spa on Friday, August 26, 2022.   Understanding how the race will set up is critical to your handicapping success!

Always remember to wager within your comfort level and pick your spots. Best of luck!

Race 1 Expected Pace Leaders Stalkers Mid-Pack Closers Unknown
6.50 Furlongs / Dirt Very Fast 3-1-5 4 2
Race 2
6.00 Furlongs / Dirt Honest 1 7-4 3-2-1A 5 6
Race 3
9.00 Furlongs / Dirt Honest 2-3 1 4 5
Race 4
7.00 Furlongs / Dirt Unknown 1 10 3-9 2-4-5-6-7-8
Race 5
9.00 Furlongs / Dirt Fast 1-2 4 5 3
Race 6
5.50 Furlongs / Turf Fast 2 5-6 11-8-7-14-4 1-3-16-13-12-15-9-10
Race 7
6.50 Furlongs / Dirt Very Fast 1-3-5 2 6 4
Race 8
8.50 Furlongs / Inner Turf Honest/Fast 6-8 1-10-4 3-12-7-11 2-5-9
Race 9
7.00 Furlongs / Dirt Honest/Fast 11 2-4-10-8 3-1-7 9-12-6-5
Race 10
8.50 Furlongs / Turf Fast 3-2 9-6-5 7-10 4-8-1
Race 11
8 Furlongs / Inner Turf Modest 2-1 6-11-10 3-5-7 9-4 8