9 Keys to Beating Saratoga

Updated & Expanded for 2019

Download this free guide "Beat Saratoga: 9 Tips for Turning a Profit" by AGameofSkill.com founder Rich Nilsen and play the
2020 Saratoga meet successfully.

Beating this 40-day meet with so many contentious races is no easy task, even for experienced horseplayers, but the tips in this guide will get you on track to do just that.

17-time NHC Qualifier and 8-time major contest winner Rich Nilsen walks you through the steps required to beat this prestigious race meet. In "Beat Saratoga: 9 Tips for Turning a Profit" you'll learn:

* What steps it takes to beat this meet successfully.
* Which jockeys and trainers dominate the Saratoga meet.
* Which 'dark horse' jockeys and trainers you need to know about. These guys bring home the prices, and one trainer in particular has been the King of Saratoga Longshots!
* How each of the three tracks (dirt and turf) play and how this affects you as a handicapper.
* New! A new tip in 2019 to help eliminate runners with big figs.
* Plus .... be on the lookout for this one important trend - it occurs every year!

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9 Tips for Turning a Profit at Saratoga

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About Editor

Rich Nilsen is a 17-time qualifier to the National Horseplayers Championship (NHC), an event he has cashed in four times. He was the first player to finish in the top 10 twice. He cashed on the 2018 NHC Tour with a 19th overall finish. Rich was also a winner of a $24,000 package into Kentucky Derby Betting Championship I. A former executive with Brisnet.com, Rich is a graduate of the University of Louisville Equine Business Program and is founder of AGameofSkill.com, a site devoted to horse racing education and promotion.


  1. I hit submit for the 9 tips for Saratoga and nothing seems to happen. I don’t know if it went or not.

  2. jim michalak says

    i filled out the form for 9 keys to beating Saratoga and clicked on submit but my form won’t go through.

  3. The form doesn’t seem to work for Beating Saratoga article. Could you please assist?

  4. Tom Brown says

    Hit button – nothing happens.
    Chrome and FF do not work.
    Why not just post a link?
    Or send it to our email that we just gave you?

  5. Jack Poretti says

    Is this a list-building scam?

  6. Actually, the form issue appear to be due to the rebate form on the right side of the page where you have to confirm you are not robot – Captcha. After confirming, it does work. May be need the Captcha for the Saratoga form as well. I was able to submit after confirming.

  7. Joel B Turner says

    I would like to receive the 9 tips…but am not able to verify whether the information provided was delivered. Using Explorer, not Firefox

  8. John Fisher says

    do u have a similar product for the upcoming DMR meet ?

    just thinking…
    (then I might be able to compete with you on the upcoming “Fun in the Sun” tournament…..lol )

  9. Philip cavino says

    It doesn’t work in Edge or Chrome either.


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