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Keeneland Contest Results for Weekend of April 12-13

Keeneland requests dates for five-day Summer Meet, including Blue Grass Stakes, in JulyA huge weekend for contest players at Keeneland and on various ADW’s kicked off Friday, April 12 with 200 entries in the on-track only Spring Challenge.  Matt Gumm of Glasgow, KY finished first with a bankroll of $4823 from an initial $250, taking home a Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge berth and first place prize of $3200. Howard Kravets of Vernon Hills, IL finished 2nd with $4269, beginning a memorable weekend for the renowned podcast host.  Gregory Lewis of Columbus, OH finished 3rd, kicking off a great weekend of his own, and Peter Rogers of Summit, NJ finished 4th and 5th.  Kravets, Lewis and Rogers secured National Horseplayers Championships berths and prize money.

On Saturday, a field of 282 players contested the Grade One Gamble, a $3500 contest widely considered as one of the most prestigious events in the country.  Darren Schweiger of New York, NY crushed a $4000 exacta in the Stonestreet Lexington Stakes on his way to a final bankroll of $42,360.  Darren takes home $68,000 in prize money, a BCBC berth and an NHC berth.  2nd place finisher Clay Sanders of Memphis, TN cashed a $6500 win bet on winner Royal Majesty in the finale to attain a bankroll of $27,365.  That total was good for $34,000 in prize money, a BCBC berth and an NHC berth.

In all, 6 players punched their tickets to the NHC and BCBC; and another 4 players earned an NHC berth.  Those players include the aforementioned Gregory Lewis, who finished 3rd with a total bankroll of $23,494 and won a BCBC and 2 NHC’s this weekend; and Howard Kravets, who finished 7th with a total of $20,796, and double-qualified for the NHC this weekend.

The final standings for the Keeneland 2024 spring contest are available.

Following are the top ten finishers with prize money; top six received BCBC and NHC; 7th through 10th received NHC berths.

  1. Darren Schweiger $68,000
  2. Clay Sanders $34,000
  3. Gregory Lewis $18,000
  4. Cory Shorr $  9,000
  5. Rich Pawlowski $  6,800
  6. Dan Hartmann $  3,600
  7. Howard Kravets $  3,600
  8. Drew Keaton $  3,600
  9. Chuck Grubbs $  3,600
  10. John Fisher $  3,600