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Trainer Graham Motion Views Doping Indictments as Wake-Up Call to Horse Industry

“If this doesn’t wake us up as an industry, I don’t know what will, I’m afraid,” said Kentucky Derby-winning trainer Graham Motion. “It’s our own fault. We let it happen. This shows we are incapable of policing our own sport and that’s a sad situation.”

“I am pissed,” Terry Finley said. “When you think about all of the times we raced against those guys and lost, and the purse money, stakes wins, and stallion deals it cost us and so many other people. Everybody who does things the right way and got beat by these guys has the absolute right to be pissed.”


5 of the Most Beautiful Horse Race Tracks in the World

royal ascot paddock#4 Royal Ascot

Over 300 years old, Ascot was created by Queen Anne back in 1711. The racecourse is located in Liverpool. England and is one of the most prestigious races in the world, with an annual spectatorship of 300,000 who go to watch the 18 group races, spread across the five days.

The royal family have been known to show interest in the event, with the Queen owing horses that compete and have previously won races in the event. This will take place from the 16th June – 20th June 2020. But, make sure you check the dress code before attending, they are very strict on keeping the excellence and elegance of the event intact year in, year out.

Most Beautiful Horse Race Tracks in the World: