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Australian race horse Winx wins 30 straight races

15/2/2019 Horse Racing Tips and Best Bets – CanterburyAustralian race horse Winx capped off a tremendous run of form at the 2019 Apollo Stakes on Saturday. Winx cantered to victory at Randwick Racecourse in Sydney as she blew away the eight-horse field. Horse racing fans can bet online on Grand National now as the April event approaches. Ridden by jockey Hugh Bowman, Winx won the race by two lengths after blasting past rivals Tom Melbourne and Happy Clapper. Winx has now won an unbelievable 30 straight races, but she still has a way to go to break the all-time record.

Can Winx break the all-time record of consecutive wins?

Winx’s 30 wins is incredible, but she is still behind Puerto Rico’s Camarero. The stallion posted a 73-2-0 record during his brief lifetime. Camarero only lived from 1951 to 1956, racing for just three years. The Puerto Rican stallion won 56 consecutive races between April 1953 and August 1955. Unfortunately, Camarero died in 1956 of an intestinal blockage. His 56 straight wins is still the world record for most back to back victories.

Winx’s winning streak started just under four years ago at Sunshine Coast. Now seven-years old, Winx may not have many more opportunities to chase Camarero’s record. As her jockey said post-race, Winx has nothing left to prove to the horse racing world.

Randwick was Winx’s first race of the 2019 season and her win backed up her 2018 Longines Horse of the Year award. Called the Usain Bolt of horse racing, Winx can certainly come close to Camarero’s record, if she is kept racing. Unfortunately, it looks as though trainer Chris Waller is preparing to retire Winx. She may only have one or two more races left to run.

How does Winx’s record stack up to others in the sports world?

There are some sports records that will never be broken, at least, that is what experts and fans believe. Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 points in a single NBA game, cricketer Rohit Sharma’s 264 for an inning in a one-day international, and Michael Phelps Olympic record gold medals are all seen as unbreakable. Camarero’s record of wins has long been in the same unbreakable category. Winning consecutive horse races is incredibly difficult and Winx’s current winning streak is a phenomenal accomplishment. Add in Winx’s opponents may have been far tougher competition than Camarero’s.

During her near four-year run of wins, Winx has been victorious in four consecutive Cox Plate events. Thanks to Winx’s continued streak, she has become a sports celebrity in Australia. Winx has crossed over into main stream pop culture down under. Horse racing fans have come out in droves to see the Usain Bolt of the horse world. It has also influenced scores of Aussies to wager on Winx to win the races she runs.

Since her first race in 2014, she ran 10 races before the streak started, Winx has earned $16 million in winnings. Like other top athletes, Winx is said to rise to the occasion of big race days. Hopefully, she will have a few more races left in her to continue the streak.

How Technology Reshapes the Horse Racing Industry

Innovation in Betting

As long as there are horse races, there will be eager punters who are keen to back their favourite horses and jockeys. Horse racing wagering is another area of the industry that has significantly changed and improved with modern technology. These days, instead of having to trek to a bookie’s office, punters can place bets at home or on the go thanks to platforms and apps from international online sports betting operators. The advent of mobile technology means that they can get up-to-the-minute racing news, and major events like the Breeders’ Cup are even beginning to broadcast in virtual reality across the globe so that fans will never miss a meeting.

Future Innovations

It may all sound high tech already, but we could see a whole new wave of innovations incorporated into the sport in the coming years. For starters, a team of Australian scientists successfully shod a racehorse with the first ever pair of 3D printed shoes made from titanium. However, it may take some time before this becomes a widespread thing since a horse’s hooves can change every hour and printing one shoe takes several.

Scientists are even becoming involved in the breeding process since it’s well-known within the sport that a mature colt or filly often outperforms those born later in a year within the same age bracket. To that end, Equilume recently designed a mask that will trigger early breeding times in mares, using a blue light to affect their ….