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$616,553 Rainbow Six Carryover at Gulfstream Park today

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018

Press Release

The 20-cent Rainbow 6 went unsolved for the 10th consecutive program Sunday at Gulfstream Park, producing a $616,553 carryover jackpot for Wednesday’sprogram.

Gulfstream Park paddockMultiple winning tickets Sunday were each worth $418.36.

There will also be a Super Hi 5 carryover Wednesday of $3,594.14.

The Rainbow 6 was last hit Jan. 28, when the mandatory payout of a North American record $19.779 million pool produced multiple winning tickets worth $15,566.

The carryover jackpot is only paid out when there is a single unique ticket sold with all six winners. On days when there is no unique ticket, 70 percent of that day’s pool goes back to those bettors holding tickets with the most winners, while 30 percent is carried over to the jackpot pool. However, on days when a mandatory payout is scheduled, the entire pool is shared by those holding tickets with the most winners.

The Rainbow 6 carryover heading into Sunday’s six-race sequence (Races 7-12) stood at $506,538.61, generating a handle of $458,480.