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2013 SPRING MEET Edition now available!

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Understanding the tendencies of trainers is one vital key to success for winning horseplayers. All Star Press is pleased to announce the 4th edition of the Keeneland Winning Trainer Patterns – new for the 2013 Spring Meet. Again, this meet’s release is bigger and better than ever with great nuggets on all the winning trainers – over 100 in all!!!

This valuable handicapping guide is based on the extensive database of handicapper and author Art Parker, a regular contributor to AGameofSkill.com.

In this book Parker analyzes the winning patterns of the most successful horsemen that race at Keeneland. With this guide you will know how each and every trainer prepares his runner for success. Keeneland Winning Trainer Patterns  covers every Keeneland horsemen that has saddled two or more winners over the past 6 meets, dating back to the spring of 2010.

This is why you need to know these trainers better than they know themselves:

Keeneland held 912 thoroughbred races collectively in the Spring and Fall meetings of 2010, the Spring and Fall meetings of 2011, and the Spring and Fall meetings of 2012.

Trainers winning at least 2 races totaled 103.

The 103 multiple winners won a total of 817 races collectively or 89.5% of all races.

Of the 103 multiple winners, 47 trainers won at least 5 races.

Those 47 trainers collected a total of 625 wins or 68.5% of all races.

The details of all 103 trainers and their corresponding victories over the past 6 seasons at Keeneland are presented to handicappers in this book, Keeneland Winning Trainer Patterns. A one-of-a-kind publication.

The details of all 103 trainers and their corresponding victories over the past six seasons at Keeneland are presented to handicappers in this book.

With this book you can answer many questions, including:

  • How many works does this trainer’s winners have coming into the race?
  • What kind of works are they?
  • Where do they ship in from?
  • How quickly do they race back?
  • Were there equipment changes?
  • Were class changes (up or down) used?
  • How about surface or distance switches?

“Most importantly with Keeneland Winning Trainer Patterns you will know if the horse this trainer is running today fits a pattern similar to winners in the past. This knowledge is one of the absolute best ways to get an edge over the public when playing Keeneland.” — Rich Nilsen, 10-time NHC qualifier.

Of course, you’ll also learn who rode these winners and for what stable this trainer wins for. Patterns develop and that is how the horseplayer can cash at the upcoming Keeneland meet.

“Keeneland Winning Trainer Patterns” includes these bonus features:

  • Alphabetical and Numerical list of every winning trainer over the past 6 meets.
  • “You Learn More When You Lose than When You Win”
  • Keeneland – Turf to Synthetic surface switch
  • The Key Factor that handicappers need to know about the Polytrack surface

 Take this book  with you to Keeneland or your local OTB/track!

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Profiting at Keeneland is all about knowing the tendencies of the individuals that know how to win year-in and year-out at the Lexington racetrack.


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Keeneland Winning Trainer Patterns – 2013 Spring Meet edition is available in ALL E-BOOK FORMATS, so click here if you want a format other than PDF or Kindle.


Thank you for looking and best of luck at Keeneland!

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